Terms and Conditions of Toy Loan

We hope you enjoy your visits to the Toy Library. It would help us greatly if you would:-

1.  Return toys clean and complete. If pieces are lost or broken there will be a replacement cost.

2.  Return toys promptly - Toy loan is for half of a term unless otherwise agreed.

3.  Check that toys borrowed are covered against theft by your home / establishment�s insurance.

4.  Note that batteries and craft consumables (glue, ink pads etc) are not supplied .

5.  Remember that this is not a play facility, but we realise that you may need to bring children with you whilst you make your choice. Please therefore supervise your children, as you are responsible for your children at all times.

6.  During busy periods it may be necessary to leave the checking of your returned toys until a more convenient time, and therefore inform you later of any breakages, losses etc.

7.  Report any accident to The Child Carers� Toy Store Manager immediately, and complete an accident form as soon as possible.

8.  The Toy Libraries have a Complaints procedure which enables any member to bring to our attention and resolve, any complaint they have about the Toy Library Service.

Smoking:- Please do not smoke in the Toy Store.

Acceptance of these Terms is a condition of membership.

If you have any questions do ask your Toy Store Manager or contact the Toy Library Adviser Tel: 023 9283 2926.

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